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Over 1,100 serious healthcare mishaps in four years


A report today has revealed that the number of ‘never events’ which took place in NHS services since 2012 is over 1,100.

Never events are medical mistakes which are so serious that they should simply never happen in the NHS.

Some of the examples in the report include surgical objects left inside patients, operations on the wrong area and accidental removal of healthy body parts.

A previous report from the Bristol Post also highlighted eight never events in Bristol hospital trusts during the past year.

Rare but alarming

The report and accompanying figures make disturbing reading says Jay Nathwani, senior clinical negligence solicitor at Barcan+Kirby:

“Incidents like these, as alarming as they undoubtedly are, remain reassuringly rare but highlight the need for experienced clinical negligence solicitors to ensure victims obtain the full support and compensation that they and their families deserve.”

“Shocking headlines such as these,” she warns, “mustn’t distract us from the facts that the vast majority of the 4.6 million yearly hospital admissions leading to surgical care are performed to a high standard.

Most cases of negligence are not as sensational as these and may involve incidents where negligence is much harder to prove, even for experienced specialist solicitors.

However, the impact on their victims can be just as or even more damaging.”

As Jay points out, many serious cases of negligence occur which are not classed as never events.

For example, when a surgeon operates on the wrong part of the patient due to a mistake by another doctor, this may not be a never event – even though the damage is the same.

Further information

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