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Just 15% of people injured at work receive compensation


A joint report by APIL and the TUC has stated that 85% of people who are injured at work, or who become ill as a direct result of their job, fail to recover any compensation.

The report, entitled ‘The Compensation Myth’, claims that in 2012/13 around 610,000 people were injured of work, of which 25,000 left their job due to the severity of their illness or injury. But in the same period, just 90,000 successful compensation claims were made.

Government figures used in the report show a fall in workplace injury claims from 183,342 in 2002 to 91,115 in 2012/13.

However the report goes on to condemn the government for implementing changes to the law that make it more difficult for the victim to make a personal injury claim, such as the requirement to prove that the employer was negligent.
Personal injury solicitor, Adrian Stone, says of the findings:

Workplace injuries are commonplace and, as these figures show, thousands are injured in accidents at work every year.

We try to make it clear to clients that a simple mishap or carelessness isn’t grounds for a personal injury claim and instead we need to prove that their employer was negligent in causing their illness or injury.

Nonetheless, it’s concerning to hear that people who have been injured in an accident at work may be put off making a claim, either by their employer or because they’re not confident that they can prove negligence on their employer’s part.

As such they could be missing out on the compensation they need to fund their treatment and make the fullest possible recovery from their injuries.

Our advice to a potential claimant is that they should contact a specialist personal injury solicitor so that the validity of their claim can be properly assessed and evaluated.”

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