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Pricing + staff information for Probate

Prices range from £1250 + VAT – £48000 + VAT. These prices are based on our hourly rates and on any value element agreed and are based on work carried out by Barcan+Kirby between 2017 and 2018. VAT is calculated at the rate applicable at the time the work is carried out, this is currently 20%.

There are many different aspects that may affect the cost of an estate administration, including whether the deceased was intestate or not, the number of beneficiaries and their ages and the number and value of the assets.

We have estimated disbursements from £0 to £1,000. Such disbursements include Court fees, statutory notices and searches. Not included are expenses incurred by the estate, for example for house clearance, agent fees, property transfer or other liabilities of the estate.

Pricing and staff information is correct as of December 2018 and will be reviewed and updated every 6 months.

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