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Personal injury client stories

Our team of personal injury solicitors handle compensation claims for a wide range of injuries and accidents. Below are some recent examples of successful cases for our clients.

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Negligent treatment for fractured hip leads to delay in bowel cancer diagnosis | £120,000 settlement

Our client suffered a fractured hip and was admitted to hospital where they suffered a grade 4 pressure sore on their lower back as a result of negligence. This took several years and operations to heal. In the interim, our client suffered change of bowel habit and experienced ‘red flag’ symptoms of bowel cancer. Liability in relation to the pressure sores was admitted early in proceedings, however, a stay was invoked due to the client’s ill health and terminal illness.

After our client’s death, a further investigation was carried out for the delay in bowel cancer diagnosis. Although liability was denied for the delayed diagnosis, the parties entered into settlement discussions and we put forward an offer on behalf of our client for £120,000, which the Defendant accepted.

This was a complex causation case with the delay in diagnosis of cancer being part of the causation argument of the pressure sore claim. This argument revolved around the fact our client was not a UK resident and the argument was that, if not for the pressure sore, they would have returned home and when their cancer symptoms began, would have gone to hospital where appropriate treated could have started and they would not have died.


Delay in ischaemia diagnosis leads to amputation | £1,050,000 settlement

Our client was admitted for a total right knee replacement and during which their popliteal artery was damaged. This led to an insufficient blood supply to their leg which was not identified for many days, and as a result our client required an above-knee amputation.

Witness statements and expert reports were drafted and served in line with the directions by both sides, and experts instructed included rehabilitation, physiotherapy, care, prosthetics, accommodation and life expectancy. The Defendant’s life expectancy expert had concluded that our client would survive a further six years post trial, compared to the client’s life expectancy expert who considered they would have a normal life expectancy (18 years).
There was also some disagreement initially about the most appropriate type of prosthesis. On behalf of our client we made a pre-trial settlement offer of £1,050,000. Trial bundles were prepared and both parties were present for the first day of trial where the Defendant accepted our client’s settlement offer.


Personal injury following a car accident | £1.85m

As a result of a road traffic accident, our client sustained injuries that resulted in neck and back pain, nausea and dizziness, cognitive problems and fatigue.

The claimant initially instructed another firm of personal injury solicitors, but was unhappy with the progress being made on her behalf. We took over her case and negotiated a settlement with the defendant’s legal team of £1.85m. We were able to settle the matter without our client having to attend court.


Shoulder fracture following fall | £19,000

Our client, Mrs J, was injured when she slipped and fell in a council-owned play area which became boggy and slippery whenever it rained. Mrs J suffered a fracture to her left, non-dominant, shoulder which required shoulder replacement surgery. After a thorough investigation of our client’s medical records, we identified appropriate medical experts to assist her and issued a claim for compensation on her behalf.

The risk of flooding in wet weather, causing a slipping hazard, had not been properly considered by the Council. Our investigations revealed that adequate measures had not been taken to address the effect of wet weather on the surface of the play area. The council initially denied they were at fault, but we opposed this fiercely on the basis that the council had failed to take care of Mrs J’s reasonable safety whilst in the play area. After considerable work we achieved an out of court settlement of £19,000 for Mrs J together with her fixed legal costs.


Burns injury | £15,000

Our client was compensated for partial thickness burns after hot tea was spilt on her whilst in a restaurant. She suffered permanent scarring and altered pigmentation to her abdomen, thighs and left elbow.

She also suffered an adjustment disorder for which a course of psychological treatment was recommended.


Broken foot injury | £22,000

Our client sought the advice of our personal injury solicitors following a horse riding accident. The horse she was riding stumbled in a large pothole and fell with its full weight on our client, breaking her foot and injuring her back. The local authority, against whom we brought the claim, initially denied liability but settled for £22,000 after negotiation.


Knee injury + arthritis after car accident | £110,000

Whilst our client was crossing the road behind a stationary car, the driver decided to reverse her vehicle, colliding with him and causing him to suffer a serious fracture to his knee. The collision also accelerated the onset of arthritis in our client’s left ankle, preventing him from returning to his job in the construction industry, as well as causing him difficulty with basic tasks like climbing stairs.

The driver initially offered to settle the case for £40,000, however our personal injury solicitors were able to negotiate a significantly higher settlement of £110,000 to cover the cost of future care, lifestyle changes and loss of earnings.


Death following uninsured vehicle accident | £52,000

Our personal injury solicitors recovered compensation for our client following her husband’s death in a vehicle accident. The other driver failed to stop; however his car registration details were recorded. Even though his vehicle was uninsured, we pursued the claim on our client’s behalf.

We notified the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), however they initially denied liability. We started legal proceedings against the MIB who argued that our client’s entitlement to compensation was limited due to her husband’s bad health. Despite this, our personal injury lawyers were still able to negotiate settlement of £52,000 shortly before trial.


Accidental fall on moving vehicle | £15,125

Our elderly client fell when the bus she had boarded pulled away before she sat down. She complained of back pain which made heavy housework, gardening and dog walking difficult.

The bus operator denied liability despite independent witness reports confirming the vehicle moved forward sharply, causing our client to fall. Our personal injury solicitors settled shortly before trial however for £15,125.

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