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Sepsis compensation claims

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Sepsis is a serious condition caused by the body responding to an infection. It is treatable if diagnosed early enough.

Unfortunately, many cases of sepsis (and septicaemia) go undetected for too long, leaving patients and families devastated by the consequences.

If you’ve been affected by sepsis, or a family member has, it’s natural to want to know what went wrong, particularly when it leads to permanent damage or bereavement.

Too often though, doctors and hospital trusts are reluctant to answer tough questions from patients and family members.

This is where our solicitors can make a difference, helping you to hold medical professionals to account, get the answers you want and recover the compensation you need to fund rehab and care.

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What is sepsis?

When the immune system detects an infection in one part of the body, such as bacteria or a virus, it can ‘overreact’ by causing the blood to clot and other areas to become inflamed and swollen.

This is known as sepsis and it can be life-threatening as it reduces the flow of blood to vital organs such as the heart and brain.

Causes and symptoms of sepsis

Common symptoms of sepsis include but aren’t limited to:

Increased heart rate



Increased breathing

In addition, people who are already ill, have recently had surgery or are very young or old are more likely to experience sepsis. Sepsis is often accompanied by septicaemia (bacteremia) and can lead to septic shock.

There is more available information on the NHS Choices website. If you suspect you or someone else is suffering from sepsis, you should call 999 immediately.

Sepsis diagnosis – what to do next?

If you or a relative have been diagnosed with sepsis, it’s difficult to know whether it was avoidable or not.

This is where we come in – we can offer you a free and thorough phone consultation in confidence to talk through your situation and whether you might be owed answers and compensation.

Simply give us a call on 0117 325 2929 to get the ball rolling.

Useful sepsis resources

NHS Choices Guide to Sepsis: The go-to NHS resource for medical information about sepsis

UK Sepsis Trust: A not for profit organisation specialising in sepsis care and research

Action Against Medical Accidents: The UK’s leading patient safety charity, with lots of great guides and resources for victims of medical negligence

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