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Your patient rights

Being savvy about your patient rights will help you understand whether you have a valid complaint against the NHS.

The NHS Constitution covers treatment provided by NHS doctors, GPs, dentists and other healthcare professionals. It sets out your rights as a patient to access NHS services and receive a professional standard of care.

The Constitution gives you the right to complain about your NHS care and for you to know the outcome of any investigations. If you’ve been injured as a result of your treatment, it also gives you the right to claim medical negligence compensation. This applies no matter what level of NHS treatment you receive.

In return the NHS expects you to take personal responsibility for your own health and to treat the NHS, and its staff, with respect.

Taking action

If you’re unhappy with the NHS care or treatment you’ve received, you have the right to complain. You also have the right to have your complaint investigated and be given a full and prompt reply.

You can download the full NHS Constitution guidelines from the website.

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