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Misdiagnosis + delayed diagnosis compensation claims

Misdiagnosis or late diagnosis of your medical condition can have an enormous impact on your health and emotional wellbeing.

Not only can it affect the type of treatment you receive, but failure to diagnose your illness could reduce your quality of life and might deny you the best opportunity of making a full recovery.

Whilst unfortunate, the fact of the matter is that sometimes medical professionals can get your diagnosis wrong. Sometimes this can’t be helped, but if this misdiagnosis or delay was avoidable and you’ve suffered as a result, speak to our specialist medical negligence solicitors about making a claim for compensation.

Types of medical misdiagnosis claims

Whilst misdiagnosis is a fairly broad term, medical misdiagnosis claims generally fall into two categories – delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis.

A delayed diagnosis can occur as a result of your GP not referring you to a specialist, not following up on test results or failing to understand the significance of your symptoms. If your diagnosis is late, your treatment may be delayed and this could have an adverse effect on your recovery.

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On the other hand, misdiagnosis may have occurred if a doctor fails to diagnose, or incorrectly diagnoses, your illness, disease or condition. Examples of this include a missed broken wrist or the results of your scan being misinterpreted, leading to you being given the wrong treatment.

Further information

For a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis compensation claim, we need to prove that the standard of treatment was unacceptable or avoidable, and that you’ve suffered unnecessarily as a direct result.

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