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Medical negligence inquests

Our specialist solicitors will represent you and your family at inquests into deaths following possible clinical and medical negligence.

What is a Coroner’s inquest?

A Coroner’s inquest is a public investigation to establish the facts relating to a death. Whilst an inquest will ascertain how somebody died and the circumstances related to their death, it won’t determine blame.

If you’re a member of the deceased’s family, you can attend the inquest as an ‘interested party’ or you can appoint an inquest lawyer to represent your views in relation to the death.

As specialist inquest lawyers, we understand inquest procedures and can apply questions to witnesses on your behalf.

We can also advise you on whether a related medical negligence claim is likely to be successful after the inquest.

Claiming for medical negligence after an inquest

Unless there’s significant public interest or it’s an Article II inquest, you won’t be entitled to apply for public funding.

Client Story | Inquest into child’s death following misdiagnosis

However we may be able to offer a no win, no fee agreement if you’re considering a clinical negligence claim after the inquest.

Further information

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