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Let's talk Medical Negligence

If you’ve been affected by medical negligence, it’s a confusing place to be. That’s why we’ve published a straightforward guide with the basic facts and principles in one place.

Guide to making a complaint to the NHS

You want to make a complaint about the treatment you’ve received from the NHS, but where do you start?

Rehabilitation after a medical injury

If you’ve suffered a medical accident, rehabilitation can help you recover physically and mentally from your injuries.

Can medical negligence lead to amputation?

Amputation is a life-changing injury and one that involves a considerable period of readjustment. There are several factors which can lead to the loss of a limb, one of which is unfortunately medical negligence.

Guide to funding your medical negligence claim

Making a claim can be daunting, but you have several different options for funding a medical negligence case.

Interim payments – a quick guide

An interim payment can ease financial pressure and pay for access to specialist care, therapy or rehabilitation.

The NHSLA Mediation Scheme

The NHSLA are the NHS Litigation Authority, they are the body responsible for dealing with compensation claims made against NHS Hospital Trusts.

Request your medical records

Use this letter to ask your hospital, GP surgery or other health service for your medical records.

Complain to a local service

Use this letter to complain to a hospital, GP surgery or other health service in your area.

Complain to the NHS

Use this letter to help write your complaint to the NHS or your local Clinical Commissioning Group.

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