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Medical negligence client stories

Here are some recent success stories from our clients. For free initial advice and to discuss a potential medical negligence claim with one of our specialist solicitors, call us on 0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form.


Misdiagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma | £1m settlement

Our client, Mr G (aged 24) was referred to hospital due to a lump in his neck. This was due to underlying Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (blood cancer), however he was misdiagnosed with tuberculosis.

He started anti-tubercular treatment which caused muscle spasms, nausea and temporary loss of colour vision. He also suffered nerve damage in his hands and feet which caused extreme pain and left him unable to walk.

Once Hodgkins Lymphoma was diagnosed, Mr G received Rituximac chemotheraphy, which left our client infertile.

Our client can’t climb the stairs unaided or walk far. He needs daily care and will use a wheelchair in the future. We claimed for help and equipment, as well as single story accommodation for him and his family. He’s unable to work and so we claimed a salary and pension to compensate him for future loss of earnings.


Broken Hip Prosthesis | £250,000 settlement

Ms R underwent a total hip replacement and was advised that the prosthesis would last approx. 20 years.

After 9 years our client experienced intense pain in her hip as a result of the prosthesis having fractured. Testing of the prosthesis confirmed that it was inappropriately designed and not manufactured to specification.

Mrs R required revision hip replacement surgery and ongoing treatment. She also experienced further hip dislocations.


Dental Periodontal Disease | £28,000 settlement

Miss S used the same dentist between 1991 and 2009, during which she attended 17 appointments. In 2004 she noticed her front teeth were loose and was advised to change her toothbrush and toothpaste.

Our client was referred to a dental hospital in 2009 and was diagnosed with advanced periodontal disease (gum disease).

A specialist in periodontal examinations confirmed if her dentist had diagnosed gum disease in 1991, our client wouldn’t have lost four teeth. This is despite our client suffering bone loss in 2004 which indicated that the disease was at a significantly advanced stage.

The damages recovered enabled our client to pay privately for dental implants and their future maintenance, as well as compensation for her pain and suffering


Cancer diagnosis | £420,000 settlement

Mrs H was diagnosed with cervical cancer in April 2010 and underwent a radical hysterectomy and removal of pelvic lymph nodes. An audit carried out by the hospital revealed that a smear test taken in November 2006 was wrongly reported as negative when it actually showed abnormal cells.

If this had been identified in 2006, Mrs H would’ve only needed a minor procedure (LLETZ) and would’ve avoided the hysterectomy. This left our client with pains in her abdomen, pelvis, perineum and legs, thought to be caused by nerve damage from surgery. She also developed irritable bowel syndrome and psychiatric injuries.

Our medical negligence solicitors brought an action against the hospital alleging that the incorrect reporting of the initial test in 2006 had resulted in the diagnosis of cancer four years later and subsequent invasive surgery.

The claim was settled before the need to involve any medical experts from the hospital for £420,000.


Loss of vision in one eye | £425,000 settlement

Our client was having intermittent treatment for dry eye syndrome when she underwent cataract surgery. Following treatment she developed an infection, which the hospital failed to properly diagnose and treat.

This led to a substantial loss of vision in that eye and had a serious impact on our client who already had some vision problems in her other eye.

She had previously consulted another legal firm who told her that she didn’t have a claim and wasn’t entitled to compensation. However we thought it merited further investigation and agreed to take on the case.

We eventually settled out of court for the significant sum of £425,000 plus our client’s legal costs.


Below knee amputation | £900,000 settlement

Mr D received £900,000 after the vascular surveillance team failed to operate on his popliteal aneurysm. As a result our client underwent a left below the knee amputation and now relies on a prosthetic limb.

As well as achieving settlement at an early stage, careful negotiations achieved 12.5% more than the Defendant was originally offering. This has enabled Mr D to buy and adapt a more suitable home, purchase better quality prosthetic limbs and employ professional carers.


Testicular torsion | £75,000 settlement

Mr W received £75,000 after A+E twice failed to diagnose testicular torsion. As a result Mr W lost a testicle – a significant loss to a young man, both physically and psychologically.

We claimed for the loss of the testicle and the psychological aspects of this injury as well as loss of earnings, psychological therapy, the cost of having a prosthetic testicle fitted and the costs associated with sperm storage.


Gynaecology injury | £25,000 settlement

As an alternative to a hysterectomy, Ms W underwent an ablation procedure to remove the thickened lining of her womb. However an error by the surgeon in operating the equipment caused boiling water to leak into Ms W’s vagina. This caused serious burns which took a considerable time to heal.


Delay in diagnosing foot injury | £50,000 settlement

Mrs L received £50,000 after A+E and various medical professionals failed to diagnose her Lisfranc injury for almost two years. This delay in diagnosis led to unnecessary suffering and she needed to undergo surgery which could have been avoided had the injury been picked up earlier.


Substandard hip replacement claim | £100,000 settlement

Mrs D received £100,000 compensation following a hip replacement operation which left her with one leg longer than the other, sciatic nerve damage and a partial foot drop.


Misdiagnosis claim | £90,000 settlement

Mrs S received £90,000 after a hospital failed to diagnose a re-dislocation of her elbow. As a result of the hospital’s error she had to undergo several further operations and suffered nerve damage reducing the functional use of her hand and wrist.


Nerve damage claim | £45,000 settlement

Mrs L received £45,000 after a surgeon accidentally severed the ulnar nerve in an operation to correct Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The nerve damage mean that she was unable to use her hand properly and needed help with her housework and gardening.


Wrong medication claim | £38,000 settlement

Ms F, who suffers from a serious chronic illness, was given lidocaine instead of saline causing her to collapse. It was a very traumatic experience and she developed post-traumatic stress disorder and a phobia of hospitals. She received £38,000 in damages.


Misdiagnosis of eye injury claim | £575,000 settlement

Mr B suffered injury to his right eye following an assault. He was admitted to A+E and assessed by a locum who prescribed eye drops and advised him to return after the weekend.

However our client actually had an undiagnosed eye injury that required immediate medical treatment with antibiotics. Over the next two days, his eyesight deteriorated and doctors were unable to save his sight.

As Mr B was already blind in one eye, he suffered total loss of vision as a result of medical negligence. We successfully settled his claim for £575,000 one month before trial.


Cervical cancer claim | £350,000 settlement

Mrs W was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer three years after undergoing a cervical smear test. A review concluded that her smear test had not been properly reported. As a result, she underwent a radical hysterectomy that included lower lymph node removal. She developed lower limb swelling as a result.

The defendant admitted medical negligence at an early stage, but disputed the effects of the surgery. Following expert evidence however, our client successfully settled her claim for £350,000 six months before trial.


Leg ulcer claim | £75,000 settlement

Mr C received compensation following the mismanagement of a leg ulcer by practice nurses. As a result of medical negligence, the infection in our client’s leg ulcers spread to his artificial knee joint, causing it to be removed. Our client settled for £75,000 two months before trial.


Perineal tear claim | £380,000 settlement

Ms R was misdiagnosed with a third degree perineal tear following the birth of her child. The tear was in fact of the fourth degree, with the result that our client experienced symptoms affecting her mobility, physical health and emotional wellbeing. We negotiated a £380,000 out of court settlement for her. Read more…


If you’d like to know more about making a claim for medical negligence, our independently accredited solicitors are here to help. To speak to a specialist medical negligence lawyer, call us on 0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form.

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