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Child removed from the United Kingdom

If your child has been taken out of the UK by a parent or relative, or if you’re concerned that the threat of abduction is imminent, it’s important that you take immediate action.

Take preventative steps

If your child is at risk of international child abduction, there are pre-emptive steps you can take to mitigate the risk.

Doing this is far more effective, less emotionally-charged and significantly less costly than dealing with a potential child abduction case after the event.

Steps include notifying the police, ensuring that you have parental responsibility and applying to the court for a Prohibited Steps Order (PSO).

Hague Convention + other international agreements

If your child has been taken overseas, there are numerous international agreements that can assist in reuniting them with you.

One of the most commonly-known agreements is the Hague Convention. Countries that are part of the Hague Convention mutually agree to return abducted children to their country of residence as swiftly as possible.

This ensures that any ongoing issues relating to custody/residence and contact can be dealt with by the courts where the child habitually lives.

Both England and Wales are part of the Hague Convention, along with over 90 other countries.

Occasionally children are taken to a country which isn’t part of the Hague Convention and where there isn’t an international agreement in place. In this case your solicitor may obtain an order from the courts in England and Wales before instructing a specialist child abduction solicitor in the country your child has been taken to.

Appoint a specialist solicitor

We can’t act for you if your child has been removed from the UK without your consent. However the UK government has compiled a list of solicitors who are accredited to deal with cases where a child has been taken abroad without the consent of a parent or the court.

You can find a list of accredited solicitors on the government website.

How we can help

If your child has been abducted or is at risk of abduction, quick action is crucial. If you need to understand what action to take, call our specialist child abduction solicitors on 0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form.

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