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Mediation for grandparents

Grandparents today play an increasingly important role in modern family life – regularly providing practical and emotional support to both their children and their grandchildren.

But when parents separate, it’s often the grandparents who are caught in the middle. Faced with conflicting loyalties and growing tensions, grandparents can easily become an unintended casualty of their child’s relationship breakdown.

So if you’re a grandparent being denied contact with your grandchild, what are your options? Unfortunately grandparents’ rights are limited. As a grandparent you don’t have an automatic right to contact with your grandchildren.

Furthermore legal action is expensive and can have a negative impact on your relationships. Make sure that you’ve exhausted all other options before taking this route.

However you can use family mediation to resolve contact issues. Mediation is an opportunity for you and the parents – with support from an impartial mediator – to sit down in a neutral, constructive environment. It’s your chance to look at why your relationship has broken down and explore possibilities for restarting contact with your grandchildren.

Our family mediators are specially trained to manage difficult family situations and will work with you to agree practical, workable solutions that benefit everyone.

Further information

Our grandparent mediators in Bristol can help you if you’re a grandparent being denied access, or if you’re worried about losing contact with your grandchildren.

For an informal chat about mediation for grandparents and how it can help you, call us on 0117 325 2929 or complete our online contact form.

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