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As with any major life change, divorce and separation is a stressful experience. It affects every aspect of your life, from your living arrangements and finances through to how you parent your children.

But whilst these things are rarely straightforward, your relationship breakdown doesn’t need to be contentious.

So what can you hope to achieve through a mediated separation? Getting a divorce is straightforward, however the practical aspects of a relationship breakdown are often harder to resolve. It’s at this point that family mediation can be most effective.

Before you approach family mediation, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t deal with your emotions. It won’t fix your relationship and it’s certainly not about reconciliation.

Mediation deals with the everyday aspects of your separation. It can help you decide what happens to your home and how you split your jointly-owned assets. If you have children, you can devise a parenting plan and agree how you’ll communicate with each other in the future.

Family mediation can help you reach agreement together and on your own mutual terms. Fundamentally it’s about enabling you find a sensible compromise.

How we can help

We recognise that every relationship is different and for many, divorce or separation is just the start of the process. But if you’re committed to working through your issues constructively to find practical, achievable solutions to your problems, family mediation could be a viable option for you.

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