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Childcare arrangements

The security, well-being and happiness of the children are almost always the primary concern of separating parents. But co-parenting can be a contentious issue and many parents find it tough to reach agreement on just how their children should be cared for following a break-up.

So how can family mediation help you? As well as determining where your child (or children) will live, we can help you make other practical decisions – such as who’s responsible for day-to-day care and how you’ll make decisions about education.

If you’re having difficulty agreeing on the level and frequency of contact that one parent will have with their child, your family mediator can help you find a compromise. We can also look at how you communicate in the future to avoid your separation negatively affecting your child.

If appropriate we can include your child in mediation discussions – although this isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. Depending on your circumstances, your mediator will discuss it in detail with you.

Research suggests that cooperation between parents can lessen the impact of separation on children – and in our experience, this is true. Most parents are capable of putting animosity aside and using mediation to find a sensible, workable arrangement that benefits their children.

Further information

We recognise that every relationship is different and a mediated approach to resolving childcare issues isn’t for everyone. But if you’re committed to working through your issues constructively to find practical, achievable solutions to your problems, mediation could be a viable option for you.

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