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Redundancy legal advice for employers

Most business owners will agree that making staff redundant is one of the hardest parts of running a business.

Unfortunately, changing market conditions or the needs of the business as a whole sometimes mean that an employer is forced to restructure their company. If circumstances dictate that you need to make an employee redundant, it’s important that you do so in accordance with their rights under the law and the terms of their contract.

Our employment solicitors can advise you on all kinds of managed redundancy issues, including:

  • Legal redundancy procedures
  • Selection of employees for redundancy
  • Collective redundancy
  • Voluntary redundancy and early retirement
  • Settlement agreements for employees
  • Redundancy arising from business mergers, acquisitions or takeovers

Collective redundancy procedures

If you’re significantly restructuring or winding down part of your business, it may be that you need to remove multiple roles at the same time. If the number of people you’re making redundant at once is 20 or more, you’ll need to follow a consultation process that involves trade union and employee representatives.

Our employment law solicitors can advise you on procedures for collective redundancy to ensure that you aren’t taken to an employment tribunal by your employees.

Further information

To speak to a solicitor specialising in redundancy and related aspects of law such as settlement agreements, call our employment law solicitors in Bristol on 0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form.

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