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Professional Deputy Service

Our professional deputies in Bristol are committed to providing practical, approachable and long-term support to those who have lost mental capacity.

Whilst it’s common for the Court of Protection to appoint a friend or family member as deputy, not everyone has someone who’s able or willing to take on the responsibility and manage their affairs on their behalf.

Others may find the thought of managing a large sum daunting and prefer to give responsibility to a professional deputy. This is especially true in cases where loss of capacity has been caused by a serious accident or unexpected injury, such as a brain injury.

We’re specialists in managing complex personal injury and medical negligence cases where loss of capacity has occurred. Dealing with an unexpected injury and complicated medical conditions is tremendously hard, especially if you’re also coordinating care with medical and support groups. But having a professional deputy relieve the pressure can be a significant help.

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Tom Sharkey and Jay Nathwani, of our specialist Court of Protection team, are qualified to act as professional deputies.

As professional deputies, we’re responsible for all aspects of our client’s affairs, including:

  • buying or adapting a home
  • arranging payments, including bills + care costs
  • managing tax affairs and preparing accounts
  • preserving access to state benefits + ensuring that they’re claimed
  • providing support and advice to our client

Further information

To speak to Tom or Jay about our professional deputy services, call our Court of Protection team on 0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form.

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