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Court of Protection disputes

It’s inevitable that friends and family won’t always agree with decisions which are made on behalf of their loved one. But whilst most disputes can be resolved amicably, sometimes it’s necessary to take steps to avoid further conflict.

Unfortunately disputes between friends and relatives of a vulnerable person are commonplace. Emotions run high and conflict can easily arise about who is appointed deputy, where their loved one should live or what level of care they need.

Sometimes the family are in agreement but in dispute with another party, such as a local authority, healthcare professional or hospital.

Alternatively you may suspect that a deputy isn’t acting in your loved one’s best interests or have concerns about how they’re managing their finances. Or you could be a deputy who’s embroiled in a dispute about your own conduct.

Seek advice early to avoid further conflict

If you’re in dispute, it’s important that you speak to a specialist Court of Protection solicitor. Our experienced dispute resolution team can provide advice and guidance on a Court of Protection dispute and will ensure that your views are represented quickly and cost-effectively.

We recognise that court action isn’t always in the best interests of your loved one. That’s why we always aim to resolve any conflict through negotiation before making an application to court.

Further information

For practical help and advice on dealing with a Court of Protection dispute, call our specialist COP lawyers in Bristol on 0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form.

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