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Heart disease negligence claim

We helped a man’s family take legal action after clinical failures to understand his cardiac problem led to his death.

A lady got in touch with us following the sudden death of her father due to a hospital’s mismanagement of his illness.

He had a chest X-ray which showed he had minor cardiomegaly – otherwise known as an enlarged heart.

He went back to his GP throughout the year complaining of the same symptoms. The GP made an urgent referral to the hospital cardiology department and told the man to call an ambulance if his symptoms worsened.

Unfortunately, despite the urgent referral, our client’s father did not receive an appointment.

Our client’s father later wrote to his GP stating that his cough was now more persistent, his breathing was substantially more difficult and that he was getting throbbing pains in his heart.

He received an appointment from the hospital for a month later. He was still feeling unwell therefore he requested an urgent referral to the rapid access chest pain clinic.

His GP saw him at home and arranged an admission to an A&E, take the view that the man’s heart was failing.

He was admitted to hospital, where various tests and scans were carried out and he was diagnosed with heart failure caused by a mitral valve lesion. He was discharged a couple of days later, with an appointment with the cardiology department for a week’s time.

When he visited the cardiology team, the consultant cardiologist saw the seriousness of his condition and admitted him to the coronary intensive care unit.

We took legal action against the hospital to find out what went wrong with his treatment.

Avoidable cardiac treatment delay

Unfortunately, the treatment our client’s father received there came too late for him and he sadly passed away some days later from cardiomyopathy (the cause of his heart failure) and pneumonia which he had contracted while in hospital.

On behalf of the gentleman’s daughter, we took legal action against the hospital to find out what went wrong with his treatment.

The evidence we obtained from medical experts showed that the hospital should have kept the man in hospital the first time he was admitted, in order to monitor his condition, based on the abnormal results that his tests showed.

They were negligent in discharging him from hospital when they had evidence that suggested his condition was much more serious than their diagnosis.

As this was a fatal accident claim, we negotiated a settlement sum of £40,000 for his family and were able, with the help of independent experts, to find out what went wrong during the man’s treatment and demonstrate this to the hospital.

If you or your family have been affected by negligent cardiac treatment, our medical negligence solicitors can help. To speak to a solicitor with experience of heart disease claims, call us on 0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form.

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