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Barcan+Kirby launches Healthcare Complaint Hub


We’re pleased to announce the launch of our Healthcare Complaint Hub – a new resource for patients who wish to make a complaint to the NHS about the care or treatment they’ve received.

Within the site, we’ve provided a host of free tools and information to help patients navigate the NHS complaints procedure as simply as possible. Our resources include template complaint letters, tips for writing a complaint and an NHS jargon buster.

A need for better awareness

The new site rose out of an observable need for better awareness of the NHS complaints procedure. Many of our medical negligence solicitors have reported that clients come to them not knowing about the NHS process for lodging a complaint or how it will be dealt with.

If a patient wants an apology, this can be achieved more quickly through the NHS complaints procedure than through legal action.

Conversely, if a patient has experienced poor treatment that has left them with costs to fund such as rehab and future care, the site explains the distinction between making a complaint and making a claim for medical negligence.

Richard Harries, Partner at Barcan+Kirby, said:

“Where treatment or care has been negligent, it’s right that patients have the option to seek redress through the law. However, it is often the case that someone who has had a bad healthcare experience just wants an apology or the assurance that lessons have been learned.

Many of the people who come to us don’t fully understand the NHS complaints process, so the purpose of this site is to provide information for them to make the right decision for them about a response to poor quality care.”

Further information

For information and guidance on making a complaint to the NHS, visit or call 0117 992 8900 to speak to a member of our team.

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