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The court can also make decisions about the protected party’s health and welfare.

The scope of the court’s powers is very wide and can include the following:

  • Deciding where the person is to live i.e. with a relative, in a care home or the court can decide which home which might suit the person.
  • Deciding what contact if any the person is to have with anybody else.
  • Making an order prohibiting a person having contact with the protected party.
  • Giving or refusing consent to medical treatment or healthcare for protected party.

Examples of Health and welfare cases:

Case 1:

Acting for a carer and partner of a man with dementia and his daughter made an application in the court of protection for an order to see him.

Case 2:

Advised a daughter about the care of her mother with dementia when a dispute arose about which care home she should live in.

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