Family Law FAQs

Barcan+Kirby’s Family Law team are committed to providing clear, common sense advice during this time of uncertainty. Guidance for many aspects of family law is ever-changing, so we have done our best to answer your frequently asked questions below.

Can I still co-parent my child during this pandemic?

Senior Cabinet Minister Michael Gove’s announcement on 24th March, where he stated that, “Where parents do not live in the same household, children under 18 can be moved between their parents’ homes”, still stands.

The latest ‘stay at home’ guidance for England, published on 4th January 2021, states that individuals may not leave their home except when they have a “reasonable excuse”. A “reasonable excuse” includes continuing “existing arrangements for contact between parents and children where they live apart”.

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If you’re a parent who is experiencing difficulty co-parenting or you need advice around childcare arrangements in general, our family solicitors are here to help. Call us on 0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form.

We will keep this page updated as and when anything changes. Last updated 12th January 2021.

I am no longer working so can’t afford legal advice. What can I do?

Unfortunately, many people will find themselves in a similar situation regarding finances during this time, but if you need legal advice about divorce, separation or any other family matter, we would encourage you to speak to us directly to discuss your options. It could be that you make a start and we can revisit and resume when you feel able to.

Can you still make an emergency application?

Emergency applications are still fully operational. Application papers are now made online, with the court liaising with us to arrange telephone hearings.

Are court hearings still taking place?

Remote (telephone and video) hearings are taking place and cases continue to progress despite the lockdown.

Despite the change in working practices, our family solicitors continue to act exactly as they have done before in relation to child law matters and domestic abuse cases.

Further information

To speak to our family law solicitors, simply call us on 0117 322 6601 or complete our online enquiry form.


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