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A&E department failures now the biggest source of Medical Negligence claims

According to a 41-page NHS strategy document, delays, misdiagnosis and poor treatment in Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments are now the main source of NHS negligence claims, overtaking orthopaedic surgery for the first time. Rachel Power, Chief... [read more...]

Report identifies failings in maternity care standards at Cwm Taf hospitals

This morning, 30th April 2019, The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) published a report into the standard of care provided by the maternity services of Cwm Taf University Health Board. What prompted the review? The review took place... [read more...]

Fiona Dabell shortlisted for AvMA Rising Star Award

We’re delighted to announce that solicitor Fiona Dabell has been shortlisted for the inaugural Action Against Medical Accidents Rising Star Award. Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA) is a national charity campaigning for patient safety and... [read more...]

Firm ranked by Chambers Guide in three areas of law

The latest edition of the Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession has just been published – and there is plenty in it for our solicitors to be happy about! Our medical negligence team have once again come out top in Bristol for their specialism – they... [read more...]

Case study: missed breast cancer diagnosis

With one in eight women in the UK likely to develop breast cancer within their lifetime, recognising the signs and symptoms is crucial in accessing treatment quickly. As the most common type of cancer, one person will be diagnosed every 10 minutes. We’re... [read more...]

Firm receives top ranking in Legal 500

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve once again been recognised by independent legal research guide The Legal 500 for our medical negligence, personal injury and family law expertise. We have again been awarded a tier 1 ranking for our medical... [read more...]

Meningitis caused by medical negligence – case study

A recently released report by the Confederation of Meningitis Organisations shows that around half a million children under five die of meningitis worldwide every year. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has put meningitis high on the global agenda and is... [read more...]

Delayed sepsis diagnosis – a case study

In our work as medical negligence solicitors, we’ve seen how delays in treating sepsis can have devastating consequences for patients and their families. A quarter of NHS trusts don’t give antibiotics to patients with sepsis within 60 minutes of... [read more...]

Fixed legal costs – a danger to patient safety + justice

A leading patient safety charity has warned the government against capping legal costs for medical negligence claims.... [read more...]

How will Brexit affect the NHS and our health?

As the dust continues to settle on the UK’s decision to leave the EU, many people are considering the impact on our National Health Service in the wake of Brexit. The NHS was a key battlefield in the lead-up to the referendum. Leave campaigners, in... [read more...]

Families feel ‘shut out’ of patient death investigations

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has released a report on how community and mental health NHS trusts investigate patient deaths. It highlights that a key complaint from relatives and carers of deceased patients that they feel shut out from the... [read more...]

Firm ranked top in Bristol for medical negligence

Barcan+Kirby’s medical negligence solicitors have once again been named as the dominant force in their field. The latest set of rankings from Chambers’ Guide to the Legal Profession were released on Wednesday and Barcan+Kirby were once again the only... [read more...]

New childbirth injury scheme announced

The health secretary has announced plans for a new scheme to allow parents of children injured during birth to access financial support more easily. The Rapid Resolution and Redress scheme, currently out for consultation, would be a voluntary route for... [read more...]

Claire Hurrell named Lawyer of the Year

Barcan+Kirby are delighted to announce that Claire Hurrell has been awarded the prestigious Lawyer of the Year accolade by Bristol Law Society. Claire, a senior associate solicitor in the firm’s top-ranked medical negligence team, won the award for her... [read more...]

Firm receives top tier Legal 500 ranking

We’re delighted to announce that our medical negligence, personal injury and family law teams have been recognised by Legal 500, an independent guide to the UK’s legal services providers. Described as “one of the best in the South West”, our... [read more...]

Could it be sepsis? The question all clinicians should ask

The new The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines published today are a positive step forward for future victims of sepsis. Following high profile campaigns by families such as William Mead’s and organisations like the Sepsis... [read more...]

Client story | £115,000 following knee replacement surgery

When you go to hospital or the doctor’s surgery for a routine procedure such as a knee replacement, you don’t expect it to go awry. After all, we trust the healthcare professionals who carry out surgery on our bodies to take reasonable care on our... [read more...]

Missed sepsis diagnosis costs lives

The recent story regarding the death of William Mead, aged one, and its implications around out-of-hours healthcare should give us all pause for thought. An NHS report into William’s case sheds some light on how a compendium of errors resulted in a... [read more...]

Client story | £267,000 settlement for missed fracture

For most of us, a fracture is a routine injury and one that the majority of us will make a full recovery from. But whilst thousands of us are treated for fractures each year, mistakes can happen, due to inadequate checks, an inexperienced doctor or the... [read more...]

Top tier ranking for clinical negligence team

We’re delighted to announce that our medical negligence and personal injury teams have been recognised by Chambers and Partners UK in their 2016 guide to the UK’s legal profession. We’ve successfully retained our Band 1 ranking for clinical... [read more...]

The Negligence and Damages Bill

The Negligence and Damages Bill recently passed its first reading unchallenged in the House of Commons. The Bill was introduced by MP Andy McDonald who seeks to find a ‘fairer and more sensible way’ to help bereaved people and people who have suffered... [read more...]

Barcan+Kirby receive top tier Legal 500 ranking

We’re delighted to announce that our medical negligence and personal injury teams have once again been recognised by Legal 500, an independent guide to the UK’s legal services.... [read more...]

Case study: Client awarded £1m for Cauda Equina claim

Whilst rare, Cauda Equina Syndrome is a serious condition that occurs when the nerves at the base of the spine become trapped. Early diagnosis of Cauda Equina Syndrome is vital. It’s considered to be a surgical emergency and quick treatment of the... [read more...]

Midwifery units versus hospital care

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has published updated guidance advising that for pregnant women who are classified as low-risk and are likely to have a straightforward birth, midwife-led care is safer than hospital care.... [read more...]

My NHS – creating transparency or muddying the waters?

My NHS is an NHS database published with the intention of improving transparency within the NHS. Whilst this may be seen as another step in the right direction in terms of publishing data on healthcare organisations and some consultants, what does the... [read more...]

Clinical Negligence can be avoided with better communication

Over the years our clinical negligence specialists have noticed that poor communication really sits at the heart of most of the medical and clinical negligence cases they see. Take this example. Poor communication between a clinician (GP, nurse,... [read more...]

Can medical negligence lead to amputation?

Amputation is a life-changing injury and one that involves a considerable period of readjustment. There are several factors which can lead to the loss of a limb, one of which is unfortunately medical negligence. There are numerous ways in which negligent... [read more...]

Client awarded £83,000 following gallbladder surgery

Keyhole surgery to remove your gallbladder – known as laparoscopic cholecystectomy – is one of the UK's most commonly performed operations. Many people who undergo this surgery do so because of complications caused by gallstones. But despite it being a... [read more...]

Case study: £100k award for nerve damage

Whilst a hand injury may seem like a relatively minor complaint, the sensitivity and movement in our hands is so important to our everyday lives that a serious hand injury can be life changing. Damage to the nerves in your hands can be equally... [read more...]

Settlement for nerve damage caused by surgery

Nerve damage can occur for a number of reasons, including medical negligence. If your nerve injury has occurred because of sub-standard care, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Our nervous system is incredibly fragile. Nerves carry commands... [read more...]

Case study: Compartment syndrome after surgery

Compartment syndrome is a potentially serious condition caused by bleeding or swelling within an enclosed bundle of muscles. This restricts blood flow and can cause permanent damage to the muscles and nerves. Compartment syndrome usually occurs in the... [read more...]

Top tier ranking for medical negligence team

We’re delighted to announce that our medical negligence and personal injury departments have been highly recommended by Legal 500, an independent guide to the UK’s legal services. We are one of only four firms in the South West to receive a top... [read more...]

Top ranking for firm in 2014 Chambers UK guide

We’re delighted to announce that our medical negligence and personal injury teams have been highly ranked as leading departments by Chambers UK 2014, a leading independent guide to the legal profession. We’ve successfully retained our Band 1 ranking... [read more...]

Jay Nathwani joins clinical negligence team

We’re pleased to announce that Jayshree Nathwani has joined the firm in the role of Associate. Jay joins the medical negligence team from Exeter-based Parlett Kent, where she was appointed as Partner in 2005. As a medical negligence specialist, Jay has a... [read more...]

Surgery suspended due to risk of harm to children

Children's surgery has been suspended at a private hospital in Surrey after the care regulator for England reported serious concerns about standards of care there. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) yesterday filed a report on failings at the Mount Alvernia... [read more...]

Case study: compensation for delayed cancer diagnosis

It was recently reported that a 26 year old woman from Bristol died from cervical cancer after her request for a smear (cervical screening) test was turned down due to her age. When Mrs Ryder first visited her GP with symptoms of cervical cancer, she was... [read more...]

Claire Hurrell joins clinical negligence team

We’re pleased to announce that Claire Hurrell has joined the firm in the role of assistant solicitor. Claire joins the clinical and medical negligence team from Exeter-based Parlett Kent.... [read more...]

The NHS has “a legal duty to be honest about mistakes”

The government has today announced a raft of measures intended to ensure that the NHS moves to eliminate lapses in patient care and safety. The most significant of these proposals is the legal duty of candour. These plans are to ensure that a Mid Staffs... [read more...]

Secondary victims of personal injury + negligence

A senior judge has recently given judgment at an appeal hearing in a personal injury case concerning the issue of secondary victims. Secondary victim refers to someone who witnesses a traumatic event, such as the death of a loved one, and is psychologically... [read more...]

Is it ethical to sue the NHS?

The NHS – created from the ideal that good healthcare should be available to all at their point of need – is one of our proudest achievements, not just from a medical perspective, but also for social justice. So, if something does go wrong with your... [read more...]

A “top-notch Bristol firm” – Chambers UK 2013

Barcan Woodward’s clinical negligence team has been highly ranked as a leading department by Chamber UK 2013, an independent guide to the UK legal profession. We are also the only firm in Bristol and the surrounding area to receive a band 1 ranking... [read more...]

Inquest into child’s death following misdiagnosis

Our clinical negligence team has successfully represented the family of a two year old girl at an inquest into her death following an incorrect diagnosis by emergency services. Georgia Keeling died from a meningitis-type infection leading to sepsis, after... [read more...]

Compensation for hip replacement patient

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most common procedures performed in the UK, often to resolve issues of debilitating pain and restricted mobility. For many people, a hip replacement offers them a new lease of life. But sometimes things go wrong and... [read more...]

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