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Landlord rights – what do you need to know? 

The government announced this month that, under new plans, private landlords will no longer be able to evict tenants at short notice without ‘good reason’ or fault. The idea is that this will protect tenants from ‘unethical’ landlords and provide... [read more...]

Can you stop the clock on Inheritance Act claims?

Standstill Agreements are widely used in cases where parties are attempting to resolve matters themselves but they are up against time restrictions, specifically the date on which you have to issue a claim to keep it alive, known as the ‘limitation date’... [read more...]

How do I remove a director?

Small business shareholders or guarantors can appoint or remove a company director by members at any time, providing such actions do not breach the Companies Act 2006, the articles of association or a director’s service contract. Your company must have... [read more...]

What are my rights as a minority shareholder?

A majority shareholder is one who owns 50% or more of the shares in a company; they will generally govern the running of the business and can prevent a minority shareholder from making decisions. If you are a minority shareholder and are being prevented... [read more...]

Purchasing a property: Do I need a Declaration of Trust?

In all the excitement of a new home together, it’s easy for individuals to forget to take steps to formalise their legal position or protect the money they have invested. When purchasing a property, you should always consider what your interest in the... [read more...]

Do I really need a solicitor?

If you find yourself in a dispute with someone and you are considering taking them to court, or if someone is taking you to court, you may ask yourself the question. Do I need a solicitor? Many people think that going it alone is a good option, how hard... [read more...]

Getting your money back from a builder

Disputes over building work and home repairs are unfortunately all too common. Whether it’s wiring, plumbing, roofing or construction, unfinished or poor quality work can result in extra hassle and cost for you to put it right. So how can you claim... [read more...]

New debt recovery rules: What you need to know

This week, the new pre-action protocol for debt claims came into force – and it’s likely to leave some business owners and managers scratching their heads. We asked Senior Associate Solicitor Samantha Castle, to decode these new debt recovery rules for us... [read more...]

How to recover a business debt

If you’re a business or sole trader, customers who don’t pay what they owe can have a significant impact on your finances. Of course, it isn’t always just customers who might owe you money. You might need to recover a debt from your own suppliers, if... [read more...]

Does dementia stop you signing a Will?

“Does dementia stop me from making a Will?” It’s a question we often get asked, along with dozens of similar queries on behalf of parents, grandparents and other relatives. Estate disputes specialist and solicitor Mark Scanlon explains the steps... [read more...]

Estate claim successful in the High Court

We recently acted in a contentious probate case, representing a widow and her child who were contesting the terms of a disputed Will. Last week, our clients were awarded nearly £100,000 plus costs in court, effectively the value of the entire... [read more...]

Case study: how we helped two landlords recover their properties

It’s not uncommon for a landlord to want to take back possession of a property which they’re renting out.... [read more...]

Landlords: four ways to give your finances a health check

Landlords now face a heftier bill from HMRC than before, thanks to new changes to stamp duty and tax relief on mortgage interest. The fall in new buy-to-let mortgages shows lenders are already concerned about the impact of these new tax rules on landlords'... [read more...]

Firm makes eight internal promotions

We’re delighted to announce a number of internal promotions to Associate and Senior Associate level within the firm. Congratulations to Alex Castiglione, from our Commercial Property team, and to two members of our Residential Conveyancing team –... [read more...]

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