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How do I remove a director?

Small business shareholders or guarantors can appoint or remove a company director by members at any time, providing such actions do not breach the Companies Act 2006, the articles of association or a director’s service contract. Your company must have... [read more...]

What are my rights as a minority shareholder?

A majority shareholder is one who owns 50% or more of the shares in a company; they will generally govern the running of the business and can prevent a minority shareholder from making decisions. If you are a minority shareholder and are being prevented... [read more...]

How to recover a business debt

If you’re a business or sole trader, customers who don’t pay what they owe can have a significant impact on your finances. Of course, it isn’t always just customers who might owe you money. You might need to recover a debt from your own suppliers, if... [read more...]

Where next for Bristol’s gig economy?

The government’s U-turn today on national insurance rises announced last week will no doubt go down well with the business community. Much has been made of the impact on self-employed workers and their families, particularly around London. But while... [read more...]

Negotiating the terms of your commercial lease

For fast-growing businesses, being in the right commercial premises at the right time is an important consideration. But negotiating the terms of your property lease can represent a significant challenge to those experiencing rapid expansion. Today’s... [read more...]

Commercial contracts: What to look out for

Why do I need a commercial contract? Contracts are vital to business, and necessary from all levels from the conceptual ideas to the end product or service and everything between. Contract law is increasingly regulated by statute and European law. The... [read more...]

Firm provides free legal advice to community initiative

As a regional firm, the community within which we operate is integral to the way in which we do business. So we’re pleased to announce that we’re supporting Bedminster’s BID (Business Improvement District) proposal by providing them with legal advice... [read more...]

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