Case study: loss of movement after machinery accident

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Our client was involved in an accident at the water plant where he worked. He was assisting with the repair of a piece of machinery and, whilst doing so, he lifted a moving conveyor belt on the machine. His middle finger on his dominant hand got caught in the belt and the tip was severed.

Our client attended hospital where his finger was surgically reattached, but became infected. Due to this, the surgeon had to amputate the finger down to the first joint.

There were some initial concerns as our client’s colleagues’ account of the accident differed to that of our client, and the company therefore disciplined and demoted him following his involvement in the incident. Our Personal Injury Department were satisfied that the our client’s account was truthful and proceeded to submit the claim.

The Defendant (our client’s workplace) admitted liability in full for the accident and medical records were obtained. We researched an appropriate expert to instruct on this matter and located a Hand Surgeon local to our client.

A medical report was written. which confirmed that de-sensitisation and cold intolerance would improve over a couple of years, however, his loss of movement and problems with fine tasks, i.e. picking up coins from his pocket, would not improve over time.

We valued the claim using previous case law and Judicial College Guidelines, and made an offer of settlement to the Defendant. The Defendant responded with a counter offer of £7,535 which, although was not within our valuation bracket, was accepted by our client.


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