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Adoptive families given access to £20m support fund


Adopting a child is a wonderful thing to do. It creates a new family unit, enabling a child to have a new start in life particularly as adoptive children have already faced the loss of their birth family.

It’s therefore great news that the government has announced a new scheme – the £20m Adoption Support Fund which will help local councils to pay for therapy services for adopted children.

The fund will be available from Summer 2015. It will pay for behavioural therapy, play and music to help girls and boys come to terms with adoption and will no doubt be a lifeline for many adoptive families, by helping them to access specialist support when they need it most.

Clare Cox, specialist family law solicitor said; “We welcome this announcement however such support should be available for all families.

“It’s also unfortunate that this kind of support, such as therapy, is very hard to access in the current cuts climate and is precisely the kind of provision that could enable children to remain with their birth families”.

It is to be hoped that children who, for whatever reason, cannot be adopted and need to remain in foster care or living with a relative will also have access to similar resources as their needs may be just as great if not greater.

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