Case study: £2.9m compensation for child diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a result of substandard hospital care

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Our specialist medical negligence solicitors helped claim compensation for a child who has cerebral palsy as a result of brain damage she suffered as hospital patient.

Failure to treat chest infection

The child attended hospital because of a chest infection. She was cared for in the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU), where medical staff were not quick enough to recognise the seriousness of her condition and her subsequent deterioration.

Hospital staff failed to monitor the child’s condition or treatment properly, which meant that her ventilation was not properly managed. As a result, our client suffered brain damage due to a lack of oxygen reaching her brain.

Several aspects of the care the child received were below the standards that would be expected on a paediatric ICU.

Cerebral palsy and epilepsy as a result of brain damage

As a result of the brain damage, our client has cerebral palsy. She has weakness down her left side which makes it difficult for her to walk or move around and restricts her use of her left hand. She has a considerably reduced IQ, poor memory, concentration issues and significant speech problems. She has also developed epilepsy as a result of the brain damage.

Once our medical negligence lawyers had investigated the child’s situation thoroughly by instructing independent experts, we issued the claim and the hospital accepted responsibility for our client’s disabilities.

Our solicitors worked with the child and her mother as sensitively as possible to assess the impact of her cerebral palsy and other injuries. This involved careful coordination between a number of independent experts from numerous fields to help assess her injury and prognosis as well as her needs for the future.

Compensation to cover care, rehabilitation and future loss of earnings

As a result of her cerebral palsy, our client requires significant care. We claimed compensation for losses including care and rehabilitation, future care, therapy and equipment, as well as accommodation for her and her family. In addition to this, we recovered the costs of a deputyship from the Court of Protection. The child’s condition means she won’t be able to find work as an adult and so we claimed the equivalent of a salary and pension to compensate her for future loss of earnings.

In total, our medical negligence solicitors were able to win £2.9 million compensation for our client. This situation was entirely avoidable, and as a result of medical negligence. No amount of money can make right what happened to her, but we hope the compensation will at least help ensure the best outcome for her in the rest of her life.

We also hope that by highlighting the negligent failures in her treatment, similar examples of clinical negligence will be less likely to happen in the hospital where she was treated.

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