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Court of Protection to consider monitoring social media

The Court of Protection recently confirmed that they will make a decision on behalf of a woman in her 30s who suffers from learning disabilities, regarding her use of social media and whether a Local Authority should be able to monitor her social media... [read more...]

How do I remove a director?

Small business shareholders or guarantors can appoint or remove a company director by members at any time, providing such actions do not breach the Companies Act 2006, the articles of association or a director’s service contract. Your company must have... [read more...]

Who should prepare my Will?

Most people would decline car insurance from a provider with a notoriously low percentage of claims pay-outs and awful customer service ratings, even if the package on offer is the cheapest and could save the customer hundreds of pounds each year. The... [read more...]

What are my rights as a minority shareholder?

A majority shareholder is one who owns 50% or more of the shares in a company; they will generally govern the running of the business and can prevent a minority shareholder from making decisions. If you are a minority shareholder and are being prevented... [read more...]

Children’s Mental Health Week

As part of Children's Mental Health Week 2019, we focus on the wellbeing of children whose parents are going through a divorce or separation. It’s well known that children can suffer when their parents go through a separation or divorce, with symptoms... [read more...]

What are employers’ responsibilities when it snows?

We had numerous weather warnings and we knew snow was coming our way, but how many employers planned in advance? It’s likely that managers, heads of departments etc. within companies will have had numerous questions over the past few days over what to... [read more...]

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