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Owens v Owens: Supreme Court rules against wife in ‘desperately unhappy marriage’

The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal of a wife seeking to divorce her husband, in a judgment which highlights once again the need for no-fault divorce to be introduced. Tini Owens, 68, filed a petition in 2015 seeking a divorce from her husband Hugh... [read more...]

Supreme Court restores original maintenance decision in Mills v Mills

The Supreme Court has overturned the Court of Appeal’s judgment in Mills v Mills, a dispute over maintenance arrangements following divorce. In doing so it upheld the original verdict of the judge in the family court, who had rejected the wife’s... [read more...]

The Mencap sleep-in judgment – a summary

On Friday 13th July, the Court of Appeal gave its judgment in Mencap v Tomlinson-Blake. Overruling the decision of the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT), Lord Justice Underhill ruled that workers who ‘sleep in’ at or near their place of work are... [read more...]

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