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On your bike Giles! Land’s End to Bristol for the Grand Appeal

Consultant solicitor Giles Woodward is once again donning his cycling jersey to raise money for the Grand Appeal – this time by riding from Land’s End to Bristol in four days! Giles will be cycling 260 miles through the Cornish, Devon and Somerset... [read more...]

Power of Attorney or Deputyship – which is better?

Powers of Attorney have hit the news today after a retired Court of Protection judge said he would never make one.... [read more...]

Leading judge slams mental health provision for teenagers

A top family law judge has described the ‘disgraceful and utterly shaming lack of proper provision in this country’ for teenagers with mental health needs.... [read more...]

How to recover a business debt

If you’re a business or sole trader, customers who don’t pay what they owe can have a significant impact on your finances. Of course, it isn’t always just customers who might owe you money. You might need to recover a debt from your own suppliers, if... [read more...]

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