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Fixed legal costs – a danger to patient safety + justice

A leading patient safety charity has warned the government against capping legal costs for medical negligence claims.... [read more...]

Leaseholds to be banned on new builds in England

According to the Land Registry, £2bn of new build leasehold houses were sold in England and Wales in the last year alone. In the same period, 42% of new build houses and flats sold were leasehold properties – some with leases of up to 999... [read more...]

Supreme Court rules employment tribunal fees to be unlawful

The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that employment tribunal fees are unlawful.... [read more...]

Using trusts to plan your legacy

Do I need a trust? It’s a question many people ask when they come to write their Will and plan their estate.... [read more...]

Equal pension rights for same-sex couples

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Britain since 2014, but inequality in marriage still hasn’t been completely eliminated. However, there was a big step forward on this front today as the Supreme Court ruled in favour of John Walker, a retired gay man... [read more...]

Employment tribunals – will Matthew Taylor’s review help?

Employment and the world of work is a hot topic for public debate at the moment – and today, the talk is all focused on Matthew Taylor’s report into improving working practices, fittingly titled ‘Good Work’. So should we be saying ‘good work’... [read more...]

Nowhere to turn: only a quarter of women seeking refuge find it

A new report published this week by Women’s Aid reveals that only a quarter of women supported by their caseworkers last year were able to find space in a domestic violence refuge. This follows last year’s news that as many as two thirds of all refuges... [read more...]

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