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Making strides in the fight against dementia: 20km walk for BRACE

Staff from our North Street office were put through their paces this weekend when they took part in a 20 kilometre sponsored walk to raise money for BRACE Alzheimer’s Research. The team, made up of ten employees plus one retired partner, trekked... [read more...]

Five mediation misconceptions

Despite family mediation being a viable option for resolving a range of family issues, confusion still exists about how the process works and what can be achieved from it. After all, if mediation offers so many benefits to separating couples, why doesn’t... [read more...]

Does dementia stop you signing a Will?

“Does dementia stop me from making a Will?” It’s a question we often get asked, along with dozens of similar queries on behalf of parents, grandparents and other relatives. Estate disputes specialist and solicitor Mark Scanlon explains the steps... [read more...]

How can I prevent my child from being abducted?

The prospect of the other parent taking your child abroad, without your consent, is a frightening one. But with a rise in international relationships comes an increase in international separations, with some parents in bitter conflict about how and where... [read more...]

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