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Same sex marriage v civil partnerships: what’s the difference?

In 2004, Parliament passed the Civil Partnership Act which allowed couples of the same sex to enter into civil partnerships. This entitled same sex couples to the same property rights, social security and pension benefits of those who are legally... [read more...]

Elderly parents + care: how to have that difficult conversation

Contrary to popular belief, difficult conversations aren’t restricted to our teenage years. Adulthood brings its fair share of uncomfortable topics – not least those related to our ageing parents and their finances and plans for later life care. If... [read more...]

Lasting Powers of Attorney aren’t just for the elderly

Whilst we all recognise the importance of writing our Will, fewer of us will be considering a Lasting Power of Attorney, or an LPA. This enables you to appoint someone to act on your behalf if you're physically or mentally incapable of making your own... [read more...]

Firm links up with Bristol Energy to fight dementia

Hot on the heels of our Dementia Awareness Week donation scheme, we’re excited to announce our affiliate deal with Bristol Energy, which allows our staff to fundraise for BRACE when they switch energy suppliers. For every employee who switches their gas... [read more...]

We’re supporting Dementia Awareness Week

At Barcan+Kirby, we’re proud to announce our support for Dementia Awareness Week, running May 15th to 21st, 2017. Dementia Awareness Week aims to unite people across the UK to take action against dementia – whether by fundraising, organising an event... [read more...]

Inheritance Tax on gifts: what are the rules?

New research suggests that tax breaks on gifts between family members could encourage more parents and grandparents to pass on a ‘living inheritance’ to the younger generation, giving them a boost as they try to climb the property ladder. As it stands,... [read more...]

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