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Should heterosexual couples be able to form civil partnerships?

The Court of Appeal ruled this week that the government’s stance on civil partnerships could continue, even though it might breach heterosexual couples’ human rights. Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan launched an appeal after the High Court decided... [read more...]

Four ideas that could change the face of divorce law

The modern family unit is changing – and the law is struggling to keep up. One area where this has become increasingly apparent is divorce law, most of which was written not in the previous decade, but in the previous century. Of course, there are good... [read more...]

Sure-fire ways to stress-free conveyancing

Let’s be honest, moving house is stressful – from de-cluttering your attic and managing your removals, through to the unpacked boxes piled up in your kitchen. But one area that doesn’t need to be stressful is your conveyancing. In this article, we... [read more...]

Alex Castiglione appointed Head of Commercial Property

Barcan+Kirby are delighted to announce the promotion of Alex Castiglione to Senior Associate and Head of Commercial Property.... [read more...]

Case study: how we helped two landlords recover their properties

It’s not uncommon for a landlord to want to take back possession of a property which they’re renting out.... [read more...]

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