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Britain’s 2025 economy to be driven by army of ‘grey go-getters’

Research conducted by Barcan+Kirby in our new Citizen 2025 white paper reveals leagues of skilled, experienced and flexible grey go-getters will be driving the British economy come 2025. Our figures reveal that 4.1m (56%) of those currently aged over 55... [read more...]

Decoding divorce: Barcan+Kirby signs up to national research

If you follow the news about the changing nature of relationships and families, you won’t be amazed to learn that 42% of marriages end in divorce.... [read more...]

Over 1,100 serious healthcare mishaps in four years

A report today has revealed that the number of ‘never events’ which took place in NHS services since 2012 is over 1,100.... [read more...]

Client story | £115,000 following knee replacement surgery

When you go to hospital or the doctor’s surgery for a routine procedure such as a knee replacement, you don’t expect it to go awry. After all, we trust the healthcare professionals who carry out surgery on our bodies to take reasonable care on our... [read more...]

Barcan+Kirby make £8,599 donation to Macmillan

At Barcan+Kirby we’re proud of the support we give to charitable causes, both local and national. This year our chosen charity is Macmillan Cancer Support, and we’re delighted that we’ve just been able to hand them £8,599.28. The money will help... [read more...]

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