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Have you thought about your lasting legacy?

Writing a Will is something we all need to do. The process of writing it helps us to think about what we want to happen when we die and who we want to leave our estate to. It also offers us an opportunity to make bequests to charitable organisations that,... [read more...]

Only 25% of people claim for a personal injury

It’s an interesting fact that only 25% of people who have suffered a personal injury make a claim. A new study by YouGov reveals that the number of personal injury victims who were willing to make a claim had actually fallen since 2013 when 29% of people... [read more...]

Tick tock… Make sure you leave enough time for conveyancing!

There’s no doubt the local property market is seeing signs of improvement and there are pockets of the city where demand out-strips supply. With buyers and sellers sometimes being put under pressure to exchange and complete as soon as possible, there’s... [read more...]

Claims against DIY Executors triple in 2013

The High Court has released disturbing figures which highlight the huge increase in claims for mishandling a deceased’s estate. Information provided by the Chancery Division, states that a staggering 368 claims were lodged for breach of fiduciary duty... [read more...]

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