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Couples to consider family mediation before court

Couples now have to consider family mediation before they are able to legally separate, under new laws announced in April 2014. The reforms have come as a result of the government attempting to dissuade separating couples from applying straight to the... [read more...]

Case study: Dad denied contact with his child

This Thursday marks World Child Contact Day, an annual event which highlights the difficulties faced by the many families who are affected by child residence and contact issues. When parents separate, it can be difficult to reach an amicable agreement... [read more...]

Beware the myth of common law spouse

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no such thing as common law marriage. In fact, the legal status of common law spouse – or the belief that couples who live together have the same rights as married couples – is a myth. As a cohabitee, you don’t... [read more...]

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