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What is the redundancy consultation process?

Whether the decision to make redundancies is as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic or not, consulting employees on your redundancy plans is often one of the most uncomfortable and...

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Bereavement damages award due to increase on 1st May

The Damages for Bereavement (Variation of Sum) (England and Wales) Order, which was put before Parliament on 19th March 2020, is due to come into force on 1st May. What’s...

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Barcan+Kirby launches Settify, an innovative online tool for family law enquiries

We are excited to introduce Settify, an online questionnaire for family law enquiries. We have been working hard over the past few months to launch Settify, which provides you with...

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PPE in the workplace: what’s the law?

Whether you’re a frontline NHS worker, an office cleaner or a chef, being protected against injury and/or infection is essential. So whose responsibility is it to provide workers with PPE?...

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Domestic abuse: seeking help during lockdown

According to abuse and violence charity, LWA, domestic abuse will affect 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men in their lifetime. However, with the UK now in lockdown...

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Barcan+Kirby help to build a greener future for Bristol

Our Corporate + Commercial and Commercial Property teams recently acted for Water Lilies Limited as they secured a significant funding facility from Homes England (a non-departmental public body and the...

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Case Studies

Case study: relief from forfeiture

Our client had purchased a flat as a second property and, to generate income, he sub-let it. As with most residential flats, our client had purchased the long leasehold title...

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Case Studies

Case study: clarification on lease after unexpected fees

Our client, having purchased a residential flat, had received various demands for payment of a service charge under their lease. The payment was substantial and had come as a surprise...

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Case Studies

Case study: family co-ownership dispute

Upon purchasing their property, which included large grounds and a bungalow (in addition to the home), our clients agreed for a family member to live in the bungalow. At the...

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Case Studies

Case study: eviction of a late-paying tenant

Our client was a concerned landlord whose tenant was continually paying rent late and had arrears of two months. Our property litigation team served two notices seeking possession; one being...

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Case Studies

Case study: urgent possession order for squatters

Our client owned a derelict building, which they had purchased with the intention to develop. Before work had been carried out, our client was notified that there were squatters occupying...

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Case Studies

Case study: property dispute after long-lost Will found | £500,000 settlement

Barcan+Kirby successfully brought a claim on behalf of our client, Ms C, in a case over a Will dispute and the late testator’s knowledge of the document. Background Ms C...

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