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Wherever you are on your surrogacy journey, our specialist surrogacy solicitors can provide information and advice. We can advise you on issues surrounding surrogacy, such as applying for parental orders and surrogacy agreements.

We can advise and act for surrogates, as well as those who are using – or considering the use of – a surrogate.

What is a parental order?

A parental order is a legal method of transferring parenthood from the surrogate mother (and her partner, if she is married) to the intended parents of the child.

Parental orders must be applied for between six weeks and six months after the child’s birth.

What is the Family Court?

The Family Court is the body which decides whether to allow parenthood to be transferred to the intended parents.

After receiving a parental order application, the court appoints a CAFCASS officer to prepare a report on the intended parents and their relationship with the child – this can take anywhere between three and six months to complete.

Do I need a solicitor for surrogacy arrangements?

As a solicitor isn’t needed for the entire surrogacy process, you can choose to manage the paperwork and court applications involved in surrogacy yourself.

However, many people prefer to appoint a solicitor to advise them and assist with the legal aspects of surrogacy.

Completing the process of transferring parenthood can be complex and lengthy, particularly in cases involving international arrangements (where the surrogate mother is in a different country, for example), so it can be helpful to have a solicitor who knows how the law works.

Further information

If you’re considering surrogacy, it’s important that you understand the legal risks and obligations of the surrogacy process.

To speak to one of our specialist family law solicitors in Bristol about surrogacy arrangements, call 0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form.

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